as requested, more about demi + greysexuality and why they are important.

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I just saw a post that said “Abolish gender ROLES not gender IDENTITY”

I cannot even fathom how absurd this is

Please explain to me what gender identity is, because I’m pretty fucking sure it has everything to do with what gender role you…


Introducing: the made-to-order QUEER! Hat! 

I’m super excited to say that this QUEER! hat is joining my THEY/THEM hat, GAY hat, and FAE/FAER hat available on my Etsy store! I hope you love this new pattern as much as I do. The hat is, as always, available in a huge rainbow of colors.

Message me on Etsy if you want a custom hat! I have a bunch more pronoun and gender-themed hat patterns available for no extra cost!

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I didn’t think that heterophobia was real but it turns out this says otherwise

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Destroy gender roles, not gender identity 

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here we go
today was binder day and gosh I missed wearing my binder bc I couldn’t wear it for like two weeks since we were doing the swim unit at school, ew.

There are only two non-binary genders.


Agender/Neutrois and Bigender.

You need sex dysphoria to be trans.

Agender/Neutrois means someone wants to have no genitals.

Bigender means someone wants to have both (a penis and a vagina).

There are only four possible genders: male, female, both and none. Bigender is both. Agender is none.

Genderspecials should fuck off. You’re hurting actual non-binary people with your ~kawaii uwu~ bullshit.