The best part of the video may be when Jackson addresses the comments she’s heard about her daughter and sets the record straight about statements like you “wanted a girl so you turned your child into one” and “kids have no idea what they want or who they are — my kids wants to be a dog, should I let him?”

So watch the full video to see her answers to those difficult questions here.

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QUEER, ILL, & OKAY, a performance series exploring the intersection of queerness and chronic illness will take place on July 5th & 6th at DfbrL8r, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are into the second week of our Kickstarter to raise completion funds, which among other costs like venue fees and tech professionals, will ensure our artists get paid. Artists like those below and artists like those yet to be announced. 

Show support, share the love today:

Photographed by IAMKIAM Studios

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if you say you support ‘a woman’s right to not shave’ you should also be:

  • supportive of women who grow hair in places other than their legs and underarms, no matter for the cause of this
  • supportive of trans women to affirm they don’t need to get rid of every body hair to qualify as feminine

or else your support is pointless really

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My ten year old tutoring student asked me if I was a boy or a girl today. I told him “Neither” and he said, “What are you then?” I said, “What is someone if they aren’t a boy or a girl?” and he said, “I dunno. Probably immortal.”

Well. I’ll take it.

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John Aravosis is a transmisogynist, misogynist, lesbophobic, bisexual-hating tool who would like to boot everyone but gay men out of the LGBT rights movement because he thinks gay men invented gay activism. He also claimed that trans people needed to wait our turn because we’re ~latecomers~ to the whole activism thing.

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This is how fucking stupid you sound when you say, ‘No homo.’

stop this idiots

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tbh the latest trend of asking female celebrities if theyre feminist seems less about advancing liberation and more about the media attempting to turn women against eachother

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21 intimate portraits that challenge the definition of prom in America

For the past 31 years, The Boston Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth (BAGLY) has been holding alternative proms for those who don’t feel comfortable, or who are banned from attending, the typical heteronormative proms. The event has been a highlight of the LGBT youth community in the area and social documentary photographer Zoe Perry-Wood has been capturing the heart-warming moments for the past 7 years, crating an intimate window into the special event. 

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