trans people taking testosterone need to drink orange juice cause testosterone weakens your immune system!! trans people taking estrogen need to drink milk cause estrogen causes calcium to be absorbed less

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not that ace/arophobia ISN'T an issue, but when has someone been murdered for being ace or aro?



i didn’t realize the standard for oppression was “have you been MURDERED tho?????????” because i know of at least 6 asexuals who have been victims of corrective rape by their partners. asexual people are constantly victims of violence and coercion from their partners but i guess that’s not a big enough issue for you. fucking asshole


Educate and advocate for transgender students’ rights!

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tbh the fact that asexuals get ‘awareness’ and not ‘pride’ should immediately alert you to the severe degree of marginalization we face even and especially within the queer community 


Dear past self,

When u cut off ur hair mom wont be that mad and you dont have to run away.

Ben (that’s you)

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shout out to the peaceful skeleton communitity

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1” no hetero buttons - revisited

with some extra love for all u aros~ out there…


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Trans* is an umbrella term that refers to all of the identities within the gender identity spectrum.  There’s a ton of diversity there, but we often group them all together (e.g., when we say “trans* issues).  Trans (without the asterisk) is best applied to trans men and trans women, while the asterisk makes special note in an effort to include all non-cisgender gender identities, including transgender, transsexual, transvestite, genderqueer, genderfluid, non-binary, genderfuck, genderless, agender, non-gendered, third gender, two-spirit, bigender, and trans man and trans woman.”

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[Note from T: The caption above implies {with the comment “Trans (without the asterisk) is best applied to trans men and trans women”} that nonbinary folks are not “trans enough,” or cannot be counted as trans unless the asterisk is added. Many feel that the term ‘trans’ can mean anyone who identifies as a gender that isn’t cisgender. If you are trans and choose to refer to yourself and the community as trans*, then feel free to. I’m just here to provide the other side of the argument, so as to allow our followers to make an informed decision on whether or not they should include the asterisk in their own writing.  

Here is more information on why the asterisk can be problematic. Feel free to ask us questions or submit your opinion on the matter, and follow us for more trans-related content!]


Today is National Coming Out Day.

Nobody should have to come out as anything. We are all human.

But in a heteronormative society, one that is not always explicitly homophobic but definitely homo- and trans-ignorant, everyone is assumed to be straight and interested only in the opposite sex. This means that you have to come out and declare that you are not so. The hetero norm is so powerful that it forces one to constantly come out. The coming out process never stops.

”One, two, three, four,

Open up the closet door.

Five, six, seven, eight,

Don’t assume your child/ friend is straight.”

Today is not just for the LGBTQ+ community, it is for the ally community too. Come out today as a supporter of love and equality!

Happy National Coming Out Day!!! - Ivan